75 Sources of Economic Data, Statistics, Reports, and Commentary November 26, 2012 - 3:55pm by Sarah RyanNovember 26, 2012In honor of the Theoretical Law and Economics Conference, to be held at the Yale Law School December 7-8, 2012 and sponsored by the Oscar M.

Ruebhausen Fund, here are some of the best places to find economic data, statistics, and more…UNITED STATES ECONOMIC DATA AND STATISTICS, GENERAL1 5 Jan 2018 - Abstract. This paper argues that when the financial crisis came policy-makers relied on some version of the Hicksian sticky-price IS-LM as their default model; these models were 'good enough for government work'. While there have been many incremental changes suggested to the DSGE model, there has .

Treasury – Data, statistics, and charts on interest rates, economic trends, and the impact of fiscal policies. Census Bureau – Historic and current economic trends, statistics by sector (e.

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Department of Commerce/Bureau of Economic Analysis – GDP, balance of payments, “Economy at a Glance…”, and more. This agency produces the “Statistical Abstract of the U. ” and related publications, available online or in the Reference room. Council of Economic Advisors– Fact sheets and reports on current issues in the U. economy, ranging from the median cost of a college education to veterans’ skills and salaries. Wall Street Journal Index– Index of company, industry, and general news for the previous month, quarter, and year.

Journal of macroeconomics - elsevier

EIU Databases – Collection of databases containing historical, current, and forecast data and research reports on key markets and industries around the globe.

International Financial Statistics – Database maintained by the International Monetary Fund, with statistics on balance of payments, external trade, prices, and more for countries around the globe.

African Development Bank Data Portal– Statistics and interactive graphics on GDP, GNI/capita, inflation, and more for the continent of Africa Below are places to find some of the best economics research on the internet. The National Bureau for Economic Research publishes a huge amount of research on economics in the form of working papers that later appear in top economics journals 4) rfe. The research covers macroeconomics, banking and finance..

Asian Development Bank – Data on key economic and social indicators for economically developing countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT DATA AND STATISTICS BY DEPARTMENT/AGENCY18. Department of Agriculture/Economic Research Service – Data on commodities, imports and exports, regulations, and more, nationally and state-by state.

Environmental Protection Agency – Cost estimates and expenditure data for environmental projects such as reduction of drinking water toxins, methane emissions, and more. Office of Management and Budget – Data and statistics on the federal budget and federal agency procurement, performance, and more.


Consumer Confidence Survey/Conference Board – Data, statistics, and reports on U. and international consumer spending and confidence.